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Adult and Baby Elephant

Services and Fees

In  Person Consultations

Available in Moorestown, NJ.  About 25 minutes from Philadelphia, PA.  
(Please contact me if you need an in person visit)


1 hour consultation or Wellness visit $300

1/2 hour follow up $150

I will always be as transparent as possible about cost, and want to look out for your best health and financial interest.  

A copy of your invoice will be provided with the appropriate codes so that you can submit for reimbursement through your insurance company.  

The labs that are ordered will sometimes be covered by insurance, depending on the lab and the insurance company.  Please be in contact with your insurance company about your out-of-network lab benefit or any questions you have.

20% off Retail Price on Supplements

You can order supplements from anywhere you choose, but I want you to get the best quality for the best price.  I always offer 20% off the retail price when you order supplements through FullScript.  

Virtual Visits

Available from anywhere in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.  
Most modalities can be done remotely.  

Sample cost (approx)

1 hour consultation $300

1/2 hour follow up $150

(follow ups generally every 4-12 weeks)

Specialty Lab testing:  
(prices determined by individual lab company and your need for testing depends on your situation)

Sample approximate costs: 

Comprehensive stool study -$350
Urine hormone levels - $250
Comprehensive nutritional evaluation - $400
(plus $30 phlebotomist fee)
Food allergy and intolerance testing - $400 
(plus $30 phlebotomist fee)

Lab corp/Quest testing:  
Most tests covered by insurance. 

Some may be considered "experimental"
Please always check with your insurance company first with any questions. 

Supplement cost - sample monthly
(Need  and duration depends on your situation) 
Multivitamin/mineral -$9
Omega 3 - $20
Stress management support supplement - $20
Probiotic - $30

Fertility Package

Herd of Elephants

$1000 (a $350 savings)

90 minute body/mind/spirit consultation with you (and partner) 


Comprehensive review of your history and any previous studies

Ordering of additional specialty testing - which may include: 
Nutritional, hormonal and gut health evaluations to optimize your hormone levels and egg/sperm quality. 


(2) 1 hour Energy psychology sessions using Heart Assisted Therapy


60 minute follow up to review of labs and develop your personalized plan. 


20% off supplement orders

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