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A "Micropractice" specializing in personalized & relationship based care"

How do I get to your office? 

Enter the doors on the left side of the building. The office is located on the Second Floor.  There is an elevator or stairs.  
I share office space with a very special psychologist, my Dad.  

Who are the other staff? 

For a very personalized experience: 

Currently the practice includes only me.  

How can I make an appointment?

Please schedule an appointment using the online appointment scheduler.  If you need to cancel your appointment, plase call or message me as there is no option to cancel using the scheduler.  

How can I contact you?

If you are a new patient, please use the contact form 
Call or text 856-415-6115
Established patients may also use the online portal

Do you accept insurance?

I am out of network, and do not accept insurance at this time, but will provide you with a copy of the invoice with the appropriate codes to submit to your insurance company.  

What type of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made through the portal using the secure BlueFinn payment system using credit, debit or direct withdraw(e-check) 

Do you see children?

I love to see children.  
Right now, due to the nature of the space, I am accepting children 6 and up. 

Can you be my primary care doctor?

No, I do not function as a primary care provider.  I recommend that you keep a relationship with a primary care provider as I cannot process referrals and do not always have urgent appointment availability.  I am happy to provide wellness care and physicals.  

How many visits will I need?

This depends on the complexity of the issues. You will be making significant lifestyle and dietary changes.  Be patient with yourself and your body. We are helping the body to heal, instead of covering up a symptom with a medicine.  If you hurt your knee or elbow, it takes a good 6 months to completely feel back to yourself.  Healing the lining of your digestive system and your nervous system can take that long or longer.  It doesn't mean you won't start feeling better in the process, just as your knee hurts less and less over time.  

I am also enthusiastic about preventive care and am happy to see you to keep you feeling your best.  

Will you complete my form?

Yes, I can complete forms that are related to your office visit.  

What if I have more questions? 

Please feel free to get in touch.  I will be happy to try to answer what I can. 

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